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FCC certification testing standard greatly entire

Form: 2015-12-11


FCC certification involves United States over more than 50 States,Colombia and the United States region, to ensure radio and wirecommunication products related to the life and property safety, FCCEngineering Department (Office of Engineering and Technology) is responsible for the technical support of the Committee, is alsoresponsible for equipment recognition Affairs. Many radioapplications, communications products and digital products to enterthe United States market, require FCC approval. FCC Commission toinvestigate and study all stages of product safety in order to findthe best way to solve the problem, and FCC include radios, aircrafttesting and so forth.

  United States has become China's second largest trading partner for several years, Sino-US trade volume increased year by year, exports to the United States should not be underestimated. United Statestechnical standard, strict import regulations the world first,understanding United States market access rule will help China tofurther open the United States market.

  FCC certification testing criteria

  FCC Part 15--of computing devices, cordless phones, satellitereceivers, TV peripherals, receivers, low power transmitter

  FCC Part 18 – industrial, scientific and medical equipment, such asmicrowave, RF lighting ballasts (ISM)

  FCC Part 22--cellular phone

  FCC Part 24--personal communications system, including granting ofpersonal communications services

  FCC Part 68--communications terminal equipment, such as telephone,modem, and so on

  FCC Part 74--experimental radio, auxiliary, special broadcast servicesand other programmes

  FCC Part 90--private land mobile radio services, including pagingdevices and mobile radio transmitters, including land mobile radioproducts such as high power radio

  FCC Part 95--a personal wireless services, including equipment, such as citizens band (CB) transmitters, radio controlled (r/c) toys, anduse of family radio service devices

  United States comparison of FCC standards FCC Part 15 and Part 18

  FCC Part 15 intentional, unintentional, or instantaneous and withoutpersonal permits provided for transmitting equipment. It includestechnical specifications, administrative requirements, and othermarket access conditions.

  FCC Part 15 is RF products, can be divided into four categories: no intention of launching equipment, intends to launch the device, do notpermit personal communication equipment, National Foundationinformation equipment without a license. Almost all of the electricaland electronic equipment will contain unintentional transmitting.United States FCC standards FCC Part 18 requirements.

  FCC Part 18 working on a certain spectrum of industrial, scientificand medical equipment (ISM) regulates the electromagnetic energyemitted, in order to avoid such device for mandated wireless servicescause harmful interference. For consumer ISM equipment, itscertification models are Declaration of Conformity (DoC) andCertification in two ways.

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