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Company Profile

Shenzhen BCTC Testing Co., Ltd.


  BCTC Testing Co., Ltd is the world leader in industrial and consumer products third-party testing, inspection and certification bodies,BCTC has EMC&Safety&Chemical Laboratory, with world-class testing equipment and professional testers. BCTC Detection range of products , including information technology , home appliances, lamps,  radio and television audio,  automotive electronics, wireless products, while agents in most countries worldwide electronic and mechanical product certification equipment, medical electronics, automotive electronics, electrical appliances hazardous materials certification.

      BCTC laboratory has been approved by the National Accreditation Committee of China(CNAS), the certification of China Metrology Accreditation(CMA), ISO17025 . At authorized by UL, ETL, A2LA, FCC, IC, CSA, TUV, Eurofins, KTL, ITS, BIS, CQC, CBTL, Wei Kai, and other authoritative institutions as WTDP(Witness Testing Data Program) cooperation laboratory, BCTC test reports has international credibility and has won the trust of multitudinous famous enterprises all over the world.

      Scope of business:

       Fast and authoritative testing and global certification for IT products, household electrical appliances, lamps and lanterns, electric tools, audio and video products, medical equipment, automotive electronics, wireless communications and textiles, toys for children, food contact materials and other products.As an international and diversified professional inspection and certification service provider, BCTC provides product quality, safety, environmental protection, energy saving and other technical support to enterprises all over the world.




  1)Certification supporting strong: with the product machine, parts, insulation materials and a series of certified products corrective ability ability;


  2) test range: with security projects, project performance, EMC, environmental adaptability, reliability testing capabilities to provide CB certification, CE certification, FCC certification, ROHS certification, CCC certification, PSE certification, EK certification worldwide certification services;


  3) testing standards covering wide: according to the national standard, IEC standards, European standards, American standards, standards Australia, the Middle East and the standards issued by the appropriate inspection report;


  4) certification efficiency, cost savings: an inspection, an audit receive product safety certification, quality system certification, energy product certification, electromagnetic compatibility testing (EMC), environmental labeling certification.


  Quality Policy

  Impartiality, scientific management, the data is accurate, strictly enforce secrecy, rigorous and efficient work and the quality of services for the commission services to achieve maximum trust and an independent and impartial service.


  Quality goals

  Quality service to create a first-class organization certification inspection system

  implementation services to achieve the following commitments:

  reasonable expectations of our customers is our goal;

  In the fast-paced work efficiency, the real test data customers do each job.


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