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Development Course

2008 - 2010

In 2008 times testing in Shenzhen Nanshan incorporated;

Safety performance testing laboratory was established in 2009;

2010 in Dongguan, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Ningbo set up a branch company and get China conformity assessment committee authorized CNAS

2011 - 2013

In 2011 the company to expand the scale, the headquarters move to Xili, Nanshan University City business development, and TUV, UL, CB, TMICO, FCC ID, VCCI, IC, CE-NB, etc., authorization;

The establishment of the international standard 9*6*6EMC laboratory construction in 2012;

2013 Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of commerce technical service center awarding testing times, reached a strategic cooperation;

In 2013 the establishment of the Longhua branch of construction and reliability, safety, performance, EMC laboratory.


Leap in the development of the company in 2014 and expand the scope of CNAS;

In 2015 the battery was established and laboratory participate in the development of Shenzhen mobile power industry standard, star rating standard;

In 2015 the times measured with good re signed a strategic cooperation


2016 headquarters relocation to Fuyong;

2016 in the original service area, the other to establish a chemical, battery, EMC, automotive electronics laboratory;

2016 and DEKRA, ITS, CSA, UL, CVC become strategic partners.


Result gives us joy, but it will not let us stop; the cruel market honed our indomitable will, warm and harmonious environment, rich nutrients in the soil, nourish our continuous innovation, the courage to forge ahead of infinite potential.

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